Saturday, September 02, 2006


A forgotten memory strikes just like a dream that comes in the sleep ……..

The quietness that existed when the darkness hung in the skies above the ocean of life was like energy in a slumber. Not an atom or molecule stirred, only the silence prevailed in an eternity that seemed to be frozen where time failed to tick. Then somewhere down this calmness came the winds of turmoil which changed the state of existence forever. On the helm of these winds rode the timeless creature to whom time was bound. It came out of existence to stir existence. It was just a touch on the ocean surface which sent quite ripples down to the floor. It shook into existence a million souls who were in slumber. And for the first time in a timeless time the ocean of life woke to memories once forgotten. The blackness that hung in the sky grew darker in nature as it was waiting for life for a long time, to enter it once again and reshape it as it desired. Just as the winds started to blow so were they gone.

The ocean of life was beginning to be consumed by darkness as it grew slowly and steadily. Darkness was free everywhere.

All the souls were lost to darkness but for a few. They were the center of existence that held them all for so long. It was time for them to enter the blinding darkness to liberate themselves once again.

The one entity split into two- THE EXISTENCE ( NARAYANA )and THE SEEKER ( NARA ).

Preparing for existence both the souls which were one plunged into darkness …..

Thus entering the Cycle of Time which was bound to the TIMELESS CREATURE began the journey of liberation.

Down ages and centuries did these two souls which were one, traveled working out each one’s salvation.

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