Sunday, September 03, 2006


Heard a lot about blogging, I am new to this though. My first attempt at a blog. I am starting with a strings of jottings and writings. Hope u enjoy them..........

The morning dove signaled the coming of a spirited soul.

The land that lay still for the night, woke to hymns of blissful delight

rendered by the sparrows, who occupied trees of great height.

The ever abundant river picked up his pace

as he brought fresh waters to wash away the weariness of the past day.

The saintly travelers of distant land

clad in saffron with matted brown hair

settled on the bank’s soothing grass

carrying bags of precious merchandise

meant for the one who comes with the breaking dawn

after the earth had been eclipsed by the gloomy sun’s shadow.

On a day when the living species

of the greenish-blue planet

witnessed two dawns - a phenomenon

was about to occur

as foreseen by the seers of yesteryears

who calculated the arrival of a Messiah

with the vanishing daylight.

Thus the seers clad in saffron awaited in a corner

When a crusader of holy origin armed with a sniper’s arrow

Took aim from the tree above

To drive home his poisoned silver into a heart of love.

The mist cleared for the messiah to set his foot on the land sacred

Wearing a robe of celestial colouring with a shepherd’s staff by his side.

His face shone with an unseen light and his eyes radiated a warmness

that melted the aim of the steadfast crusader perched on the tree.

But it was a divine providence for the crusader

to loosen the string on his bow that sped the arrow into the heart of gold

A cry of pain was heard as the crusader broke his neck

from the fall due to a lost grip on the tree.

The sniper’s target was not missed

as the messiah from the west of Eden

lay in a bed of flowers breathing his last

to be reborn from the ashes

into the land of snake-charmers and great wisdom.

His rejuvenated life was spent wisely

Among teachers of great knowledge

And in caves of darkness and silence

In icy snow peaks where penance became a way of life.

For a decade or so his already free spirit liberated

But the spirited messiah proceeded back

to the town of his origin to finish a work undone.

And from across the ocean did he rise

No longer an ordinary mortal by any means

Did he preach his first sermon on the mount

That bound the rest of the humanity into a religion of love.

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