Monday, September 18, 2006

Ideas for better living

Whenever you open the newspaper in Dubai chances are you will always find an accident report for sure. There are reasons why this bound to happen : (1) Let's admit the truth - Dubai is growing rapidly. Moreover it is a city under constant construction. For a city buzzling with rapid life these things are bound to occur. It happens in India with a huge population.

(2) Why don't car manufacturers produce slow going cars for the city. With maximum speed reaching to only 100Kmph. max which is good for riding in he city. If people want to speed they can go to go-karting and other stimulated driving arenas. Let them not turn their cars into ferrari on the roads.

(3) When a person is drunk there should be a sensor in the car door handle which will stop him from driving. Let me elaborate, there is a sensor attached in the car door handle which will sense the alcohol content in his blood. And if it exceeds permitable level it wont allow the person to drive. Similar thing can be done to the steering wheel.

(4) If the traffic police stop placing hidden cameras which catch the driver by suprise, which in turn makes him reduce speed drastically and all of a sudden to the driver behind, which will ultimately lead to some sort of collision and finally the blame will be laid on over speeding!!! End of the day the traffic department pockects the fine at the risk of driver's life.

(5) And finally some one needs to enforce the law that dont speak on the mobile while you drive. Like wearing seat belt this needs to be made mandatory.

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