Sunday, October 08, 2006

Any Takers?

During the weekend I was watching Sun Tv covering the programme where the entire film industry was felicitating the current CM of the state. With all due respects to him it was a bit over done. This made me analysis the programme content of the channel which my family members like millions across the world are glued to it. 99 percent of the content are film based. Either it is never-ending soap serials, movie countdown, movie quiz or anything that has a movie taint in it. It is quite entertaining but after a point of time they make you believe as if there is nothing else apart from the film personalities and movies. This sort of content feeding would make a wrong impression on a growing youth. I woulk like to see more of development programmes happening. To start with :

Why can't we have an awards in collobration with the tinsel world which awards eminent personalities from different walks of life. There are so many inspiring and deserving personalities who have done lot of self-sacrifice beyond their capacity. They needed to be brought out into limelight and packaged in an entertaining way. Like Film fare awards we need to have Acheiver's award. Any takers ?

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