Saturday, December 09, 2006


A city all too perfect

“Rome was not built in a day”

The tall skyscrapers of the city rose well up into the horizon embracing the first rays of the dawn. The city slowly rose upto life, to the tunes of daily chores that awaited it’s inhabitants. The metro trains speeding in tunnels down under, the city traffic at a crawling pace that occupied the super highways above, all seemed to co-exist in perfect orchestral balance. Its dwellers dressed in finely cut costumes of different hues and style went about their daily activities with extraordinary precision. It was the set pattern of human precision, which was in work. The perfect place any person would aspire to be part of in the 22nd century. Such perfectly engineered cities had mushroomed all across the Indian sub-continent. From the yesteryear Mumbai to the Manipur in the far east and Kanyakumari to the south. These cities were built on years of human perfection endured in all aspects of life. The very best of every field went into constructing them. In fact these cities were carbon copies of numerous such ones that existed all across the globe. A technology perfection that was passed down from the West. Just like the city, its dwellers were constructed to perfection to create an eternal harmony in existence which had ceased to exist in the world by the end of 21st century.

The Blueprint

“No blueprint is complete until what it is intended for is complete”

After the ‘great calamity’ of the 21st century the human mind had attained near perfection of all the technological inventions. These set the blueprint to build these cities. But the technological and architectural brilliance achieved by the mind was found missing in the natural creation of human beings. An imbalance existed in the natural blueprint of the human species. Hence in the quest to create a perfect balance for life and change the natural blue print of human species was embarked. From then on human beings were constructed. An ulterior motive existed behind all the quest.

The Architects

“God created man in his own image or did He create what he lacked?”

The architects of this perfect world were none other than capitalist gurus called ‘The Suits’ who needed to feed the mammoth system they had created and perfected through the centuries. In order for their rare breed of species to survive they needed perfect functioning of their market. Technological and industrial excellence was achieved a long time ago but still the human being was the one that needed perfection and conditioning for this system of theirs to survive. Hence human beings were no longer a part of a natural fabric of life but they were engineered and constructed just like the city they existed in. Like the perfect curved arches, finely decorated interiors, near perfect finishes so were the humans fabricated to live in this perfect world. But every city has its own backyard to hide.

The Backyard

‘Every perfection has a certain margin of error without which it cannot be achieved.’

The backyard known as the dumping ground consisted of “the misfits”, those errors that occurred in engineering and construction of the human species. The blueprints that went wrong and was no longer needed. The misfits were the slow learners, handicaps, physically challenged, blind, deaf, dumb, retarded, disfigured, odd size ones etc. They were seen as a burden and a drawback to the system. They dwelled outside the city walls away from the people from the metro. They lived in places called slums. The nature’s defects were only physically inadequate but had beautiful minds of their own. The capitalist system failed to understand and see this. For years they dwelt in the shadows of the city and lived in what it cast off. But they were now a threat to the city and the city had no requirement of them. It was decided by the Suits to wipe them off from the slums and build the city bigger and in larger scale. Thus began the struggle.

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