Friday, January 26, 2007


It’s been close to 30 months since I stepped out of India. I was looking forward for my first corporate vacation back to my roots, a break from endless malls, glittering skyscrapers, spotlessly clean roads, unoccupied pavements and seemingly perfect systems and clean people.
After surviving a sudden outbreak of Murphy’s law at the office I was on my way to a place I can call home. It is truly an amazing experience to be back amidst the dust and rubble, noise of all sorts, roads with potholes, atmosphere with strong stench of human and animal odour, occupied pavements, crowded roads where literally everyone is fighting for space to drive, walk, park and sleep on them! Where every soul on the street is fighting out for an existence, living in intolerable inhumane conditions according to western economic standards which we have come to believe and follow blindly. Life in its full meaning can be witnessed on these streets - families struggling to find their next meal, families having plenty of them to waste about, expensive food joints, inexpensive modes of transport (bullock carts) etc. The streets of India are truly a kaleidoscope.

But things have changed over the years. Lifestyle, habits and culture all of which are the negative by products of globalistaion. Good or bad only time will tell.

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