Saturday, July 21, 2007

A request to international theatres that screen Superstar movies

The lastweekend was very exciting. We were finally going to get to watch the rajini's famous movie Sivaji which has caused so much news hype all across the world.

The Ticket:

It was playing in only one theatre in the entire of Dubai. It was at grand cineplex at the grand hyatt in deira. It was housefull being a weekend and most of them who turned up for that show were tamilians with exceptions of a few families.

Odd Welcome:

We were greeted at the entrance of the theatre by a A4 print out notice that read: Beyond this point people in lungis & mundis(must be refering to kerala word for lungi) are not allowed. Well that used to be the style back at home where you could sport your traditional dress and literally go anywhere.

The Show:

The theatre was a miniature version of the popular sathyam theatre in Chennai. One could compare this theatre to Santham. It was not as huge as Santham with the other difference being it had a balcony also. Spoke to one of the theatre attendants who said House Full would account for 300 people.

The screen was impressive. We had the curtains parting and revealing the screen. Similar style was followed for the break. No complains on the movie though.

Sankar formula + Rajini Style + ARR songs + Crazy Fans - Logics = One hella of a movie!!!

The rush hour:

One odd thing that I experienced watching a Tamil movie in a Dubai cinema hall is the rush to the restroom at the interval. The restroom was poorly equipped for a rajini film. Imagine a male population of over 200 having to adjust in a restroom whose maximum capacity is to handle only 8!!! There were 4 toilets and 4 urinals and literally there was a line to use the urinals. There were atleast 15 people standing in a line to use the urinals!!! For myself i had to bear the nature's call lit more longer till the movie got over.

But still then there was a queue. There must have been many like me who had postponed the nature's call till the movie got over. Had to hang on to my life till i could free myself after 15 minutes!!!


International theatres that are equipped to show a Rajini starrer coupled with Sankar, please upgrade your amenities to meet the rush of the crowd.

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