Saturday, July 21, 2007

Taking pride in what we wear

As i walk out into the blazing sun of Dubai's summer or the cool breeze of it's winter there has always being one thing that has remained constant in this fastly developing country.

You can spot its local people proudly sporting their local costume(national dress as they are refered to) be it high level corporate meetings or a social gathering in one of the world's cutting edge malls. They proudly display their national identity and cultural heritage.

Back at home if you are in "white vaistie and shirt" you are not welcomed in some places. Western way of dressing is appreciated and welcomed everywhere. Arabs are usually mocked at for not having brains and being barbaric but as i come to see they are more sensible than most developing countries. Even though they develop in the shadows of western power they have seen to that they dont lose their cultural identity. I am not sure about India.

In india we have kept aside a day to wear what is natural to us. But in Middle East they wear that all throughout the year. Its a pity India being democratic we are not allowed to wear our vaisties and shirts with pride.

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