Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Making vision 2020 possible.

It is really heart warming to see how indians rally to vote for an idol. The number of sms pouring in the media coverage and mileage for a show that makes mockery of originality. With all due respects to the participants and judges i dont mean to crticize them. Only if we could show the same enthusiasm for the social issues surrounding us I am sure we can achieve the vision India 2020.

Why not make the Indian election similar to Indian Idol?

People have time to sms their vote yet they fail to turn up in the electoral booths to cast the vote inspite of election day being declared a public holiday. Why can't our Election commission of India learn from the nation's favourite pass time show Indian idol and use a novel approach such as smsing your vote or better email your vote. I am sure the percentage of people who vote will surely increase. This would also give opportunity for people who are away to cast their vote from the convinence of the workplace or from their home away from home.

And with India boasting of being the software and IT hub, the IT companies can take up a challenge to create a NATIONAL ELECTION software. This would allow any Indian citizen with a valid bank account in his name to cast a vote from anywhere in the world. This way more educated people will start to vote and I am sure the vision 2020 will no longer be a mirage.
And why not make our parliment like the Indian idol playground. Where people can also take part in the decision making process by smsing in their views. This is true democracy and I am sure it will be for the good.


Anonymous said...

Surely a thought which has to be followed not only by the ordinary citizen but also the Election comission...but practicality and false identities will be a matter to tackle

Umesh said...

True Vignesh...I read some news where lots of sim cards were bought to vote for one particular person in some tv contest...

Bakwaas said...

nice blog... as per the post goes, wasn't there a program few months back.. about INDIAN LEADERS something as Global Project :) ???

finding thyself said...

Vignesh: True we might face a problem with false identities but i am sure we can formulate a fool-proof system.

Umesh: Interestng news on the sim cards. First when contest were introduced on TV we had the whole junta buying 15p postcards now it has graduated to sims!

Bakwaas: Thank u for stoppng over. Will chk on the project.

Anonymous said...