Saturday, October 13, 2007


"An engineering seat is Rs. 5 lacs, a doctor seat can go upto Rs. 40 lakhs" that was the common phrases one used to hear when going in for an admission. But does it gaurantee a brilliant engineer or a good doctor? is the million dollar question only time will tell.

This brought into my mind an image my dad had asked me to observe on the streets of T. Nagar in Chennai, one day.....

My dad asked to look at a primary school kid who was all smiles as she was being escorted by her mother to the school. The young girl dressed in her school uniform with shoes was holding hand of her mother who didn't even have a slipper to wear and was wearing patched up saree yet saw to that her child was dressed properly for the education. She had provided her with a neat bag, good uniform and the best shoes her money can afford.... BSC. A water bag and a lunch carrier like everyother school kid you would find in the affulent neighbourhood and as advertsed on TV. Education for her child came with a price.... which is sacrificing her comfort. She was willing to get her feet burnt so that her child could go to school with her head held high.

Now equate this parent's sacrifice to that of a seat of engineering or doctor priced at a few lakhs.
Education is something to be free for all mankind who wants to learn. Rather it has become a commercial commodity which we have been made to believe can be got off from the shelf instantly if you have the purse for it.

The current scenario seems like the the scene from the famous 'Thiruvillayadal" play. Where Narada poses the question to the consorts of the trinity : Kalvia, Selvama, Veerama?
Right now it seems "Selvam" is ruling. Have money you can get what you want. Because education alone is not the key to success. It depends on what type of education you have had. A professional education fetched more than an ordinary degree. Why this disparity?

We have been fortunate to study and come up in life. Have we done anything in return? Our education system has taught us to be the fittest, individualistic and self-centric because all this would help you to survive. Finish school, get into a good college, get settled in a good career, get settled in life after your career has been set, have a family, children and there goes your life feeding for yourself alone. Never have we been taught to spare a moment for the world around us.


A said...

Hi thoughtful insights but I feel things aren't as cynical as when you say "Our education system has taught us to be the fittest, individualistic...and there goes your life feeding for yourself alone."

It's more of how you take and accept the chance-events that make up your life...It may make you extremely compassionate and concerned abt the world around you, even if you haven't achieved much, or it may make you forevermore repentant hardened sinner...
Perspectives matter, a lot!

PS: Just chanced upon on ur post from somewhere...pretty good work mate.

finding thyself said...

A: Thnks for ur feedback. I did sound a bit cynical- thanks for pointing it out. Maybe the world we live is not that bad maybe it has got to do with the news we get exposed to...