Thursday, December 20, 2007

Time is of essence. Time is of presence.

Time is of essence.
Time is of presence.

The world unfolded in front of HIS eyes as HE watched
the atom split and the creation came to birth.

Life sprang up systematically, breathing
and coherently walking a set path.
All was well and HE was at peace.

Millions of years have come to pass
and existence became unquestioned.

Seeds that have been sown must sprout,
fruit that has grown must ripen,
so did the mind that started the inquisition.

Delving deep into its state of survival did it
seek out answers that unbalanced HIM

Much was done to tamper the wheel of evolution
to deter the thought from seeking it’s true nature.
The battle was set for time to outrun those
who questioned their existence.

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