Saturday, February 02, 2008

Angeleyes (1 & 2)

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created: Sunday, May 27, 2001 8:09:38 PM

The dying embers of a sacred fire
Has quenched a ritualistic desire
Of an existence that’s been of a purpose
In this mortal lease of life I suppose.

Into next birth do I travel
For a mystery to be unraveled
Of a creation that is ceaseless
In a womb of a damsel
I tear open the membrane
As I wake up to cries
I have heard once before –
The wailing that accompanies
When I am born
And when I close my eyes forever
After my mortal self ceases.

The world bears a smile
As this new burden of hope arrives
In a web of deceit and conceit
Do I wither my existence
In pursuit of long last desires
That has caught up with me
To elude me from unraveling the mystery
For which I have traveled so long.

On a flashy night
When the thunder rules the skies
And the lighting added to imagery of life
Do I witness a being of celestialness
whom I baptise as ANGELEYES.

Once lost passion of a forgotten seed
Comes to the fore
As she is dripping naked
Wet by the rains of desire.
So on that eventful night
When the lakes run deep
And the rivers flow on all fours
The seed is sown
On a fertile ground
That would bear me fruits
Of joy and wonder
As I witness myself reborn
Into this mortal existence.

The web of time spins new weaves
As angel eyes withers with time
Once the binding beauty is gone
So is the passion for life vanishes along
Alone in this world without Angel eyes
I carry on to unravel the mystery I came for
But then the spine has cracked
The muscles have weakened
bearing saplings of our creations.
In life’s end do I set out for it’s purpose
As the ritualistic fire are lighted
To mark my departure
But my desire for ANGELEYES hasn’t tarnished a bit
For it is my dying desire to be reborn
To embrace her in a physical form
When the truth is that the flesh shall wither away
What shall remain will be intangible to the human eye
Just as the fragrant breeze
that bears the aroma of the lilies by the mountainside.
Only the spirit shall remain
When we unite as one maybe a thousand births henceforth
But till then she will always remain my angel eyes.

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