Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Prince In Us………

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I was inspired by the tale "The Happy Prince". Though nowhere near the real masterpiece in terms of thought and essence.....

Once there lived a prince of magnanimous
Who fancied and cherished the simple joys of life
And was lost in a world of bliss
That cost him dearly in terms of his crown,
Snatched by his greedy cousin who banishes him
From the settlements of humans
Into dark forests and hostile terrain inhabited
By ferocious beasts and poisonous flora.
Sans water and appetite starved of human company
Except for a voice from within
That kindles him with laughter and provides solace
For his wearied mind and tired body
And propels him further to explore the jungle ocean.
Endless dawns and ceaseless nights and in quiet dreams
The voice remains awake while the prince sleeps
Encouraging him to test his limits
And broaden his horizons for simple joys in life.
Thus the prince in the company of his voice
After roaming hither and thither
Settles in the shades of a overgrown tree.

Resting his ached body and volatile mind
As he becomes one with the voice
That accompanied him throughout
To find what life was worth living for.
Born to be a king and disillusioned
in a pleasure world and losing his kingdom
Living as a pauper and illuminated
in a joy world and gaining his freedom
As the shade of the tree became one with the settling darkness
So did the grey haired prince still magnanimous
in character but with a fragile stature
Faded into the realms of his own inner voice to become one
With the joy he was really seeking for.

Even now as one wanders alone deeper
He can hear the prince whisper
In the silent forests of one's own heart
To make us light in a journey
That is worth all the try
To seek what we are really worth after all.

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