Saturday, February 02, 2008

Years of Exile

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After flooding my mind with words of Robert Jordan, JRR Tolkein, Sri Aurbindo's Savitri was this born:

The horizon presented a picture of ceaseless discomfort and a nagging pain. The vast rolling plains played a vicious role of never ending misery. The mysterious abodes of the divine echoed an untold pain. The greenery had lost its charm and the voices of nature became drudgery for one to hear. The charming wind was without its soothing grace. And Nara was solitude in exile with time creeping at a snail’s pace. With a storm raging inside his heart which needed to break.

Just as bliss dawns on one when he realizes the fruits of exile so did Nara’s face bloom when Narayana – The Lord Divine walked upon this soil that was created from Him. The land was thus baptised to a new lease of existence and every atom bore in its core the presence of Lord Divine. And from that moment of truth the Land was christened as “puniyabhoomi” – The Land Sacred. The nature got back to its originality thus ending a drought of nagging pain, ceaselessness and drudgery. The greenery pleased one’s sight and inspired one into divine realms. Winds brought the soothing fragrance of a celestial presence. And the voices of the nature brought joyous comfort to one’s weakened heart. And the holy soil cleansed one of dirt unseen.

Thus one is blessed to be born in this Land Sacred for it bears the very presence of Lord Divine and stands testimony to His unfailing grace. Nara was rejuvenated into a new state of consciousness, as the storm was broken. But this brief trance of exhilaration was to became only a cherished memory as Maya made her presence felt with Yali tainting the mind of Nara.

Maya with curves chiseled to perfection and an aura of intoxicating favour surrounding her, could bind anyone to her captivating look. With her raven black hair flowing, created waves of desire that was infinite. Her finely parted crimson lips poisoned one’s senses when tasted. Maya could rekindle anyone’s spring of desire even the best of seers, to prison them in her womb of creation known as the cycle of birth and death. Even Nara the best of human being couldn’t escape from Maya who presented herself in a female body. Thus captured into the womb of creation the first race of mankind dawned on this “puniyabhoomi”.

Thus as many suns dawned and moons shone did Nara and Maya, a perfect match lived on to progeny the first human race. The barren earth succumbs to the temptation of human kind. The unsplit soil like that of a virgin is forced open to sow the seeds of future offsprings.

Nara now a disillusioned man having lost his youth and wisdom to the charms of Maya, till his race covered the very face of the earth. Having observed that he had wasted his time he made a decision that it was time for him to move on. Pain stabbed through his heart as he bid farewell to his dear wife and their offsprings but at the bottom of his heart he knew all this were just an imagery of illusion even though his eyes were clouded with soft tears.

Nara made his way through the jungle’s deep and into dark cleavages of the mountains in search of one thing he most cherised and needed – Narayana. Having traveled deep and afar, losing the count of days Nara finally decided to take shelter on the snowy caps of the mighty white mountain that tore open the clouds. Amidst temperatures that would make a man’s bone crack and freeze one to death did he perform his penance sans a cloth over him. The pouring snow nor did the icy northern wind take pity on him. They blew to their fullest zeal to crack his heart but he urged along and alone into infinite nights since the snow white clouds, who also wanted to play their prank by blinding the sun from reaching him. This nature’s test and his endurance continued for days until the forces of nature that rocked him withdrew in dismay. All of a sudden a dead silence prevailed only interrupted now and then by the silent breathing of Nara.

From the thicket that surrounded Nara, emerged a fierce looking creature bearing a body of a mountain oxen with limbs that of a tiger with claws so sharp, it could raze a man to oblivion before he could know. It bore a face of man with teeth growing out on either side of his lip and with such curly black hair that no distinction could be made between the darkest night and it’s hair.

A growl was heard that shook the earth but not Nara who was deep rooted in his penance. Not even a shiver nor a shudder ran through his body as he witnessed the meanest and gruesome creation of nature approach him in an attacking stance. He stared straight into it’s eyes which was green in hue and was burning with malice inside. A battle waged, not in the physical plane, between the ordinary mortal and the extraordinary creation of nature. For, to defeat an enemy no matter his stature one has to defeat him from within which is what Nara did precisely.

An enemy that seemed formidable and terrifying to an ordinary mortal’s eye, lay buried in a heap of ashes with this Nara came to know that the most demanding part of his penance has come to an end.

A celestial wind blew to soothe Nara after his hard labour and was accompanied by an intoxicating fragrance. The celestial wind made him to seek the comfort offered by the hardened earth. As he lay there contemplating the successful completion of his penance and having not succumbed to any of the temptation, an egoistic smile was witnessed on his glowing face. And there came she more majestic than Maya in every aspect and once again the timeless creature Yali tainted the mind of Nara. Yali the greatest of all test any man could master to pass. Thus once again began Nara’s prolonged stay in the womb of creation. Little did he know that he had come back to square one.

Yali was one who was rejoicing at the sight of this as Narayana – The Lord Divine bore a silent witness to the microcosmism happening.

Another birth awaited Nara as he spent his rest of his years with the illusionary beauty.

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