Friday, April 04, 2008

Why History never talks about the ordinary....

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Nara had one last look over his fields from the high raised ground. Close towards the horizon he could spot tiny specks of houses. In one of them his family awaited his safe return, his 3-year-old son who gave him company when he ploughed the fields and his wife who was carrying. He inhaled deeply as if to immortalize the landscape into his memory. He knew beyond this hill, lay a destiny unknown. An army marching from the west shattered his simple life of joy and happiness. Every able man who could stand was called to join the forces as his country tried to make a last stand. He along with his village folks marched into the twilight sky to meet the onslaught of the marching army by daylight.

The blow of the conch woke Nara from his short disturbed sleep. He lay amidst a thousand men who had come from the south where he belonged from all villages and towns with whatever piece of steel they could lay their hand over. Days of walk showed through their tiredness in their face. Like him they were simple folks and were not built to fight. But today their destiny had something else in store for them.


Lines started to form as Nara was pushed into the foremost to meet the first stroke of the enemy. Words started to spread through the ranks about the enemy who was marching towards them. He was a young king, must have been the age of Nara. The armies he commanded came from a tiny island far in the west and his soldiers were merciless just like their King, plundering and killing everything on their way. Nara wondered why the enemy king ever wanted to leave his home and attack his? What sort of a person he must be to shatter other people’s lives? Doesn’t he have a son or a sweetheart like him to go back to and live in peace? If it was food he wanted Nara was more than happy to employ him in his farm and feed him three times a day.

A sudden blow of conch severed his inquisition into the enemy’s motive. The enemy was approaching and Nara’s time had come to face them. He heard the command to march and he stepped forward with the rest in to the death field.

It was not bad as he thought it would be as he lay bleeding on the soft grass. The spear wielded by the soldier hadn’t missed the mark – his rib cage. Pain gripped him as he could feel his crumpled bones and torn flesh. There was noise all around him as steel cracked bones and slit through flesh. He lay there panting for breath as thoughts of his home filled his mind. His father who had taught him all he had know, his mother who used to be there for him with food when he came back from a long day in the field, his childhood sweetheart and his son. It seemed as if he had lived a lifetime in those flashes of memory but only a few seconds had passed. His end still hadn’t come.

EPILOGUE: Why we never know of the ordinary.....

Up ahead in the fading horizon he could see the victor’s party marching into his fields. The enemy sat on a jet-black stallion. Nara’s vision started fading but one last chant he could distinctly register before he passed into oblivion.

“Victory to Alexander!”


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