Saturday, June 28, 2008

Auto, Arrow & Armani

After reading a series of posts on the attitudes and beahviour of different autowallas in different metros this post sprang up:

Autowallas are known to fleece money, being in Chennai i have witnessed various shades of these guys. Some are hardworking, genuine and sincere while a majority are forced by escalating oil prices, instable cost of living index to plunder from the unsuspecting traveler. I wouldn't blame them for their insensitive attitude. We are the ones to be blamed, the lot who complains.

We rarely bargain for a piece of fashion wear in a mall. We read the tag, pay the price quietly and leave! Or for that matter dinning in a fancy rest. When it comes to people who are trying to meet their daily ends, we get into an aggressive arguments for charging us a penny extra! How sarcastic and insensitive we are, blinded by our consumeristic power.

Try listening to their struggle in life, some of them are really genuine and moving. At the end of the day, if it is not their own auto they have to end up paying the owner Rs.150 as rent and they need to fill petrol for the entire day which would cost them another Rs. 250 with the going rate of petrol from OPEC countries, and then there is the house rent, family feed, school fees, unexpected functions and occasions etc. He doesn't have a blue collar job where he receives a fat pay pack at end of the month. Everyday is a struggle, just try being in his shoes, and u will understand why he fights with everyone : ) Does he have an insurance policy or is there any bank ready to lend him money in case of emergency? Does he have the luxury of owning a Credit Card?

Instead of blowing the money on mindless weekend parties boozing you can try helping a deserving soul now and then.

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Raaga said...

Agreed... but the Chennai autowallahs are a different breed... I reached the Madras Central on a December morning in 1999 and since I have very fair skin and I'd come from the TamilNadu guy came up to me and said, "Auto Madam?" I said, "Tiruvanmiyur" and he said, "OK Madam, sirf char sau rupya" He got it from me... in chaste Madras Tamil... and he dropped me at my doorstep for 60 rupees!

finding thyself said...

Good dose for the autowalla!! I think he was trying to be enterprising as part of his profession :) Chennai autowallas are known for hiking prices depending on the customer... the central station lot are the worst of all. They are insensitive and ruthless, always trying to make a quick buck! But they are some genuine guys in them also. Who come by the meter or charge reasonable.

prabukarthik said...

I agree with u to some extent.
Just like we consumers pay by thousands without batting an eyelid in a cloth showroom, have you noticed folks who are arrogant, insensitive when earning their daily bread alone become the sincere servants when they are working for a private organization?

Actually players like can try something like this.

Say, i get down in central, send a SMS to justdial with the area/address to go..the SMS is forwarded to hundreds of auto drivers listed.
the number of the guy who quotes the lowest is fwded to the customer.
The customer calls and confirms the deal.
Will it work? Well..
We would never know until we try :)

finding thyself said...

prabhukarthik: A cool idea!!! I am sure it would work wonder and create a healthy competition and a win-win situation for both the parties!!!

why don't we try implementing this? at a small scale and then it can be magnified. SMS is a real good idea!! i am kicked about it!!!

Anonymous said...

Some may argue for the point, while others may argue against it....

More than anyone will the Govt listen and do something about regulating the system to make it foolproof?

finding thyself said...

I thinking waiting for the government to do something would result in nothing! I think we need to step in as the government. Its far fetched but it needs to start some where. Its a government for the people,by the people and of the people. If we dont do something about it who will do it then.

I think it is good to talk but hard to put into practice :(

Raaga said...

True :-)

Which earlier post are you referring to? Son going abroad etc?