Saturday, June 28, 2008

God's Gravity

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Atheist, curious infant spiritual mind pose this question: Does God exist? Can u show Him? Is he flesh and blood? Can someone show Him?

Could you tell me:
1. Does gravity exist? They say it is important for gravity to exist otherwise we all be floating in space.

2. Can you show us gravity in a tangible form? For example can you dress it up in Flesh and Blood?

3. How do you know gravity is necessary? Because the scientist say so. Do we ever question them? Then why do we question the genuine spiritual Gurus who can show the path?

Inference: If Gravity can only be experienced and not seen , so is God.


prabukarthik said...

i have no problems in seeing God in gravity, in beauty, in genius, in nature, in acts of honesty.

But i dont see God as suupreme court judge( or sessions court judge) as business partner, as policeman etc.

finding thyself said...

prabhukarthik: Well i think it is subjective and earnestness of the seeker.