Friday, July 11, 2008

LEAD INDIA leads in CANNES but did it answer Satyendra Dubey?

It is a proud moment to know that a campaign from India has won the much sought Cannes Lions Advertising Grand Prix for Direct amidst tough competition and jury members from all across the globe. It was a engaging initiative by TOI and the idea was well translated into a persuasive advertising campaign.

There are a few observations that is inferred from this campaign:

1. Lead India was spearheaded by Amitabh and Shahrukh, igniting and sustaining the campaign and left out scores of real leaders who have spearheaded changes in India at grass root levels. The follow up TV commercials part of the campaign showed pretty clichie situations of a boy moving a felled tree which was causing traffic disruption all by himself, eventually everyone helping him out. Sounds nice and visually well done but it lacked depth. There are real life people at grass root level creating change. People who have sacrificed lucrative overseas offer and opted to stay back to 'Lead India' in the true sense. You can find them in

2. The leaders who were chosen mostly represented the metros and second tier cities like Pune etc. And we all know that India lives in the village. It did so about a few years back. And the real change is happening there. And this was not documented in the campaign. And it ran in English when the majority is regional. Did it connect with the masses or just a elite few who would talk about it in college corridors, tea parties, blogs like this and do nothing about it!

3. The campaign though started off with a good idea, did not have the depth and sincerity in it. The advertising agency made a slick looking film that would move your heart but not from your seat. This is what happens when policy makers/decision makers sit in their AC cabins and comforted cushions and talk about grass root level when there is no representation from that side!!!

4. Did Lead India answer Satyendra Dubey? and countless many who really done something about India? The media and the nation salutes the sheen of NRI money but not the actual sons of the soil who toil to make a difference!!

Anyway you are not interested in knowing them, because Shahrukh, Amitabh and pretty faced models and sleek looking commercials are better for your mind than the reality. Will we ever wake up?

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