Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hiding behind the rocks, the spaceman surveyed the strange crooked beings that walked in front of him. Some seemed two legged while majority had some crude limb formation that aided their movement. Their biological formation seemed to possess no symmetry or design for easiness. Whatever mind produced them must have had an evil intent.

The terrain seemed unfamiliar and it was nothing like any of their planets that was in their galaxy. Indeed this was a new planet they had discovered along with this weird species after years of trying to desperately find some form of life in the Milkyway Galaxy.

It seemed their mission was not in vain except for the fact that their communication was jammed after they had been through the sudden cloud of dust which disrupted their flight pattern briefly. The engineer was working on it, some time soon they would be able to establish contact with earth and beam this discovery.

There seemed to be no sign of flora and fauna. The soil seemed devoid of any life form barring the ones who walked on it. And nothing flew above. The monotonous dead horizon was occasionally interrupted by cylindrical incomplete shapes. They were round and rose high up the ground. They had seen this shape cover most of the planet's surface when they were descending.

The incomplete structure struck a chord of familiarity in the spaceman's mind. He dismissed the thought without any further pondering as he made his way back to where his ship had landed.
The communication system must be up and running now. A sly smile appeared on his face as he could not wait any longer to communicate this discovery.

A piece of metal which jutted out from the terrain, foiled the spaceman's hastened steps as he tripped and fell. The spaceman pulled out the plate which was the cause of his fall and cleaned the surface to view the inscriptions on it. The colour of the inscription had faded with time but the circular sign which was broken into 3 pieces with a smaller circle in the center, bore a similarity to one of the signs he had constantly witnessed on his planet. This made the spaceman's face turn pale and he fell on his knees when he completed reading the message. The shadow of one of the incomplete tower grew longer and fell on him with the fading light. It made perfect sense now.

The message on the sign read: " CAUTION: RADIOACTIVE AREA", Tarapur, India

( Post inspired by the Nuclear Pact that is going to be signed by India)

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MomentaryLapse said...


Well, firstly thankyou so much for the positive feedback on almost all my posts, i truly appreciate it.

I am greatly impressed by your rational thinking and logical explanation alongwith each point noted by you. Though I had stopped jotting down my thoughts, but your inspiring feedback makes me want to start again.....

U keep writing, as you have a great flair for writing and are very informative. Though I may not be an active writer, but will remain a keen reader of your blog.

Luck and happiness your way

finding thyself said...

@momentary Lapse : Thanks for taking time to pen these encouraging words! It will help me go a long way :)