Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pondy Bazaar & other Bazaars

1. When it comes to arguing with the street side hawkers for a price cut we go all out for a tooth and nail battle. It's as if losing 10 rupees to him would shatter your dreams of building a TAJ. Whereas when it comes to paying a bill in a 5 star restaurant or while purchasing a branded wear we never question the exorbitant prices charged. We just keep our mouth shut and buy it.

Most of the time we proudly brag about how we saved 20 rupees on a product by fighting with the hawker! They become tea time discussions for most.

2. The funny thing about auto drivers is that they ask you quote an amount for the journey and then start arguing with you for quoting so low. Rather they need to be the guys quoting the price first!!

3. The moment you get off from a 4-wheeler on any busy vegetable market in India, the prices of the stuff on display becomes "double"!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i guess the average Indian feels very triumphant when he wins in a haggle with a street hawker.Same with auto, flower,fruit/veg vendors .We cant haggle with the government to cut taxes after all!!