Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sky is the limit !!!

Having been lucky to travel sky high in some of the finest and economical airlines, no matter the duration of the flight - domestic or international, there was humour to be found always:

EK: Emirates Airlines flight bound to Chennai(MAA) from Dubai(DXB)

Pretty chicks but of no help!
1. Had some of the prettiest looking air hostess who could never help the passengers load the hand lagguages into the cabin lagguage space. Everything had to be done by the passengers including the locking of the lagguage door!

Choose a language!
2. The captain of the flight boasted of having people of different natiaonality serving you, air hostesses who could speak Farsi, spanish, german, polish, arabic, chinese and english. It was a chennai bound flight, expecting an air hostess to speak tamil would be too much of an ask but atleast Hindi would have helped :)

IC905: Indian Airlines flight bound to DXB from MAA
No matter how early you arrive at the Chennai airport with a confirmed ticket, the chances of missing a IC flight bound to DXB is plenty!

1. They are usually overbooked for reasons known to them. I was able to figure it out this time. They had issued two boarding passes with the same seat number "12A". Luckily before i could get into an argument with the other gentleman who had the same seat number, an airhostess stepped in to take both our boarding passes with out even an explanation, vanished into thin air - filmi style!!! After a 5 minute wait, she gets back to escort the other gentleman to seat 17A which was luckily empty! Now that is one reason why the flight seems to get over booked.

Statutory warning
2. The free flow of liquor in the air does not complement the efforts taken by the government at the ground level, urging people to quit drinking! Moreover the wait for the food (which came later around one hour into the journey after 2 rounds of alcohol was served) is frustrating especially if the flight was delayed by two hours and top of it you are a teetotaller!

Gate number, please!
3. There was never a gate number for the IC flight bound to Dubai (a flight leaving the next day had one!!) and it never took off on time (ETD was 20:00hrs but it could take upto 22:30 to leave chennai).

Sweets anyone
4. Utter disregard for the passenger's health could be seen on the menu of the food tray that was been served. We all know that the diabetics is silently taking the world over and India being among the forefront of most reported cases. In all the IC flights there is usually a bowl of sweet, not one burfi/mysore pak but two measuring upto a size of a brick! At this rate we will sure be no.1 for the wrong thing!

Name change
5. Indian Airlines became Indian about a year back and now again it has become Air India! A guy who flew in that one year period is sure to be lost!

Rotation/Replacement policy
6. Would like to applaud the strategy adopted by the IC management. Instead of asking the old air hostesses to retire they just get shifted to the domestic circuit where as the young ones go international! With private airlines giving tough competition maybe the IC management would like to rethink or devise a new strategy!

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