Friday, December 12, 2008

Talk about cutting jobs, i suggest cutting costs first!

Are we in a recession? I don't think so for the following reasons:

1. The CEOs of the 3 giant automobile companies in US, flew by their private jets to ask for a bail out package!

2. Recently, a company had a crisis meeting to tackle the oncoming recession - to discuss about efficiency and cost saving. Guess where they discussed this. In comfort of a beach resort conference hall!!! They would have done justice if this discussion was held in the office conference room with some lunch ordered in.

3. Why don't companies cut their dividends to share holders instead of cutting jobs?
Talk about cutting jobs, i suggest cutting costs first.

Moreover, the current financial meltdown is like the football game. Where 22 people battle it out for one football. Why not give them 22 footballs so all are happy. Similarly, why not print extra currency notes. If you think for a moment the currency itself does not any value unless it is equated with something. You need currency to afford a house, eat food, watch a movie. So the end thing what you do with the currency is more important than the currency itself. So there is no harm in printing those extra notes for all ;)
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