Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's nearing 6pm.
My mobile is still silent.

It has been so, ever since
the start of this new year.
And will remain so.

It's christmas eve - December 24th, 2008,
everyone is looking forward to the night
and drawing plans for the long weekend.
And so am I.

It's nearing 6pm.
My mobile rings.

Instead of the accustomed voice, i hear my brother's.
He speaks fast, gasping for breath.
"Mom's fainted, near Jumbo electronics.
Emergency is here. Come fast."

It's nearing 2pm.
My mobile is still.
I just remember that i haven't spoken
to my mom for the last 48 hours.
Nor has she called me at 6pm or at 2pm after lunch.

Engrossed in work which never ceases.
I decide to speak to her.
I call home. She refuses to speak at first.
Something makes me persist. She then
does - her last words to me.

It's past 12pm.
My mobile lies silent.
It's been months since I heard her.

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