Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Isolated from the madding crowd,
on the heights of topless towers
flexing tissues and bones,
to shape a dream of iron and steel,
not sprouted from his head,
toiled the worker, for a meager feed.

The fireball in relentless pursuit
to scorch his back and tan his skin,
as he sweats for folks in a distant land
he recalls as home.
The faces he recognizes here
trickles memories of people he left
behind in a journey of selfless sacrifice.

End of the day he is banished
to his distant camp
as the beings who make
the limelight
and dwell
in towers of great height,
easily forget
who took them there first.

The hot spiceless food,
cooked by an unknown hand,

is without any warmth.
`As he bites into the last morsel
and gulps down the alien water',
a laughter from the table corner
echoes memories of time parallel
from a land where his heart is.

Yet he finds himself here
in the land of black gold
to send a penny back home
to put a smile he never sees
till a year or two passes by.

Entrapped in the snare
laid by karma leased to time,
he cries in pain
which gets muted
by the time it reaches
the dwellers of high towers.

(e-snap : ruins outside Madurai Meenakshi Temple, 12/2007)

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