Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The sheen of his armour was blemished
with blots of crimson, magenta and ruby red
He rode with the void to cross
the warm steel with a frozen resolve.

He was
one with the battle cry that shivered a thousand nerves
one with the foe's eye, tracing every bodily stir
one with the swift steps like the formless wind
one with the aroma of chopped beasts that became a scavenger's feast
one with the rhythm of the blade, that swayed to an unheard melody
one with the whirlpool of time, sucked by its force full spell
one with the warmth not from the sun blaze but from the gushed blood
one with the silence unseen that overshadowed the chaos that reigned
one with the icy chill emotion that held no remorse
one with the fraction second, to escape for a life, gone by a split second
one with the hunger for flesh like the unappeased bodily lust
one with the thought of survival that blinded the cause of sides taken
one with the aching flame that charred his hide from a duel long forgotten
one with the iron grip on the tender scalped leather that surrounded the aged hilt
one with the sense of despair as sweat drenched him everywhere
one with the drunken intellect with no reason to kill
one with the butcher's heart that mechanically ripped anyone apart
one with the baggage that he bore from many a heartless acts
one with the memory of faceless beings whose spirit he set free
one with the million curses that were spitted by those he rendered homeless
one with the warlord who whipped the herd
one with the battle angel that shielded every blow
one with the sharpness of steel that imposed pain and more
one with the fly infested earth that saw the gore
one with the dance of death
one with the battle of no return
one with the one he was

(e-snap : Garuda, Malaiarasan Temple, Arrupukottai, 11/2008)

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