Saturday, November 14, 2009


Her eyes never left me,
even for a while,
even though i had mine
on the worldly delights.

Her eyes followed me,
where ever i did go,
in form of a call or a prayer,
i never heeded.

Her eyes were awake,
day and night,
so i could rest mine
without fear.

Her eyes closed on me,
forever, one fine day,
while i had mine elsewhere.

Her eyes, i do miss them now.

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The Eternal Seeker said...

i sense that you've lost someone very important to you.. i regret the same

Malesh Ponnusamy said...

@ Eternal Seeker : "they say time is a healer?"

The Eternal Seeker said...

"Her eyes closed on me,
forever, one fine day"

Aayushi Mehta said...

sad and haunting...feelings very well expressed...

Malesh Ponnusamy said...

@ Aayushi : thank u :) We express what we feel....

Divya Jay said...

i guess u have lost someone very dear to you. but i am sure all will be fine soon. it is really nice to see such loving and caring people in these times... May God bless u always. my best wishes r always with u