Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mercenary of Wisdom

Amidst the ruins of time
of wrecked civilizations & chaotic science,
stood the mercenary of wisdom,
clad in armor of theories,
guarded by a shield of inferences,
swirling a sharp sword
cast of
he's read & heard before.

Years of hoarding and pursuit
while the wisdom gathered cobwebs,
now he stood braving a foe,
never read before.

Unlike any rehearsed character,
or defined in aged texts,
the abridged yet unabridged,
a simile very much a metaphor,
a verb inherent in a noun
without adjectives to qualify
stood its ground, poised.
Whose moves the mercenary couldn't counter
with his reflexes of intellect.
or with the agility of mind.

the blade of knowledge blunted,
theories tested, findings shredded,
all exhausted, unlearning the learning
did the mercenary of knowledge,
gasp for more to grasp the elusive illusion
of control.

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little by little , bit by bit said...

wow! you do write 'cool' poems. some of them are simply beyond my understanding, but most of them i end up liking. i'd like more people to read them...because your poems deserve better response!:)
please help me!

Malesh Ponnusamy said...

@ little by little : "heard melodies are sweet, unheard melodies are sweeter". Not many have an ear for unheard melodies :)

At times, quantity doesn't matter, it is quality - Even one response would do :) Thank you for your encouraging words :)

Archana said...

u just keep getting better n better :D Now v need 2 get started on our next best seller "Lost Souls"- ur publisher

Malesh Ponnusamy said...

@ Archana : Guess i feel like a bottle of wine which gets better with age ;-)
Btw, that reminds me, still awaiting the first cheque ;-)

Divya Jay said...

to be very honest this is way beyond my understanding :) but i am sure it wud be a poem with a lot of depth. from whatever little i cud understand i can say that ur poems r very meaningful