Wednesday, May 08, 2013

IT remains

Mother nature is a great recycler,
What forms is unformed with the churning of time,
Adorned with the attire of five elements
which forms this canvas of expressive experience,
We the cosmos, play on the lap of nature as her children.

Hiding our true reality, 
Seeking retribution for this illusion,
Whose author is our own intelligence,
We experience this dance of division,
In which, liberation lies in unison!

Days come, nights go, 
attire comes and goes, 
you and i, eternally one,
caught in this quagmire
Of physical expression,
A limited duration of
Infinite consciousness,
separation that deepens
The thirst for oneness... 
Beyond you & i,
Then only this game of hide and seek is truly over.

When all these expressions wear off,
What remains of these endless ocean of names and forms when they wither off,
When the dance of many reaches its final act, the seperation blurs between
The experiencer and the experience

Only IT shall remain as IT always has,
Even now.

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